French Bulldog



The French bulldog can be a robust, easy to care for and adaptable companion, if they are bred by a responsible breeder. We don't want to go back into the historical origins of the breed, there  is ample information available in the internet.


The following questions are driving us forward:


  • Is it possible to breed a French Bulldog in a way that it can function as a small dog without complaints?
  • To what extent must the phenotype deviate from the current breed Standard? 
  • What can breeders do to breed bulldogs vital and efficient? 
  • In which cases is a well thought outcrossing an option?
  •  Can brachycephalic dogs be happy dogs?


We are convinced that the Frenchie - without the overtyped body type -  can be quite an efficient dog. His job is to please people and accompany them as a sincere friend.  However, he should be capable of fulfilling the needs of a canid. For us this are the basic requirements:


  • Natural reproduction without human help (no artifial insemination)
  •  Instinctive brood care
  •  No need of human care for wrinkles, ears, tail, etc.
  •  Solid, balanced, friendly character
  •  No exaggerated head shape with obstructive tooth and jaw misalignments
  •  Movable spine, which does not restrict the dog in all three gaits
  •  Movable, free tail which allows a minimum of communication